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what is referendum medialogs?

The recent conflict of the Catalan Referendum on the 1st of October 2017, has served as a model to better understand the social implications of software in democracy. +r- is a work in progress, mapping a journey of the events before, during and after the referendum, showing a series of conflicts leading to both blocking and distributing practices, in a context strongly characterized by nonstop overloads of inaccurate information. At the same time, +r- digs into the issue of disinformation and media noise, using Diffengine software to track and log article revisionism, offering a space for hidden narratives, a hint to interpretations, an archive of technical incorrectness, of erasure, a selection of deliberate misreports and an exercise in creating awareness. The project curates visual documentation, and caches this material on a Raspberry Pi web server, preserving information of which the original can potentially be replaced or removed. Users are given access to this material through a MediaWiki. Contact: fginfo@protonmail.com


In a growing digital age where news and information are constantly updating and evolving, it's important to keep a historical record of changes in order to preserve digital evidences. Diffengine is an open source software that allows tracking content changes on websites providing web feeds. Former and current versions of an article are displayed using the diff utility, a data comparison tool that is also incorporated in file management systems like MediaWiki.


Alongside this project, I have been documenting and archiving away online material that could be replaced or censored. These included articles, social media posts and other relevant websites. Combining both services the Wayback Machine and Archive.today I have archived this material on their own servers. The MediaWiki will be stored in the webserver of a Raspberry Pi.